What To Expect in this Class:
Your toddler’s love for learning will flourish through age-appropriate group and individual activities. These activities are designed to enhance language, social, self-help, fine and gross motor skills.   Our teachers encourage your toddler’s efforts to expand communication to meaningful words, gestures, and sign language in order to communicate feelings and thoughts. Your toddler’s eagerness to be independent will make practicing social and self-help skills exciting and fun.

Keeping You Informed:
Each day, you will receive a detailed report of your toddler’s meals, naptime, diapering and learning activities during their time at Bright Start Academy.  In addition to daily reports, your child’s teacher will post reminders in the class, and be available for face-to-face communication and family conferences. Our toddler teachers maintain an assessment portfolio for each child, which tracks developmental progress using developmental screenings, photographs, and work samples. We believe consistent parent communication is very important in the development of your child. We always welcome you to call the center to speak with your child’s teachers during the day or drop-in to visit and spend time with your toddler.

Daily Schedule:
In our toddler-aged classrooms, the children are transitioning into following the same daily schedule. This set schedule allows our teachers to provide blocks of structured group activities for active and cognitive learning, involving both independent choices and class groupings. Our days consist of incorporating educational activities, such as art, dramatic play, language and literacy, music and movement, science and sensory, blocks, manipulatives, and fine and gross motor.

Nurturing Caregivers:
Our toddler teachers support your child’s desire to discover and their need for independence while providing a sense of safety and security. Our caregivers are patient and flexible while interacting with the children helping them master self-help and social skills.

Clean, Safe, and Stimulating Environment:
At Bright Start Academy, we provide a safe and clean environment in which your toddler can thrive as he or she explores their world.  We offer a stimulating learning environment for your toddler with equipment and materials that nurture your child’s developing imagination. Our toddler classrooms spend time outside on their own playground with developmentally appropriate equipment for children under two years old. Caregivers monitor and encourage safe behaviors while the children explore.