What to Expect in This Class – Individualized Care:
Our caregivers thoughtfully turn ordinary caregiving routines into teachable moments, based on your baby’s individual needs and developmental level. Our low child-to-caregiver ratios allow for more individualized attention for your child, including an individualized lesson plan for each infant in the room.

Keeping You Informed:
We understand the importance of regular communication about your infant’s feeding, sleeping, diapering and learning activities during their time at Bright Start Academy.  Our infant caregivers maintain an assessment portfolio for each child, which tracks developmental progress using developmental screenings, photographs, and work samples. We always welcome you to call the infant rooms to speak with the caregivers during the day or drop-in to visit and spend time with your child. Our facilities are Breastfeeding Friendly and welcome nursing mothers to come in and nurse at any time.

Daily Schedule:
Our caregivers work closely and individually with each family’s schedule to allow for a smooth transition between your home and Bright Start Academy. Through ongoing parental communication, Bright Start Academy will work with your family to accommodate changes in your child’s daily schedule.

Nurturing Caregivers:
Our caregivers will spend precious time holding, loving and encouraging your baby to feel comfortable exploring his or her world. Our individualized curriculum is structured to meet developmental milestones, such as establishing trust and building relationships, discovering and feeling good about their accomplishments, conquering fine and gross motor skills, beginning communication and social skills. Our nurturing caregivers work to establish a bond with your child so strong it extends to your family. Each of our caregivers is required to obtain Safe Sleep training, as well as maintain current CPR/First Aid certification.

Clean, Safe, and Stimulating Environment:
Our infant rooms are designed to provide the most developmentally appropriate environment for your child. We offer stimulating activities, toys, and equipment to support sensory exploration. Each infant has their own crib, which is fully visible by caregivers at all times. Our caregivers disinfect toys and equipment daily and frequently wash their hands and children’s hands to prevent the spread of bacteria. We make daily and weekly cleaning schedules a priority to eliminate the spread of germs and bacteria.