Dental checkups for children

August 30, 2017  In General Oral Health WHY KIDS DENTAL CHECKUPS ARE IMPORTANT Why are dental checkups for kids important? Because as soon as your kid has teeth, they can get cavities. That’s why regular checkups in early childhood—in addition to good dental hygiene habits taught at home

Introducing solids to your baby

The New Rules of Introducing Solids to Your Baby We turn the tables on everything you (and your mom) thought you knew about feeding your baby.  Tags: Baby Food By Nicci Micco JEANINE HENDERSON When my son Jules was 5 1/2 months old, I visited a lactation consultant for help with a stressful milk-s

Association of a Full-Day vs Part-Day Preschool Intervention With School Readiness, Attendance, and Parent Involvement Arthur J. Reynolds, PhD; Brandt A. Richardson, BA; Momoko Hayakawa, PhD; Erin M. Lease, MA; Mallory WarnerRichter, MPP; Michelle M. Englund, PhD; Suh-Ruu Ou, PhD; Molly Sullivan, MP

Stranger Safety

Security Check: 5 Rules for Stranger Safety Worried your child might misinterpret well-intentioned warnings about strangers, secrets, and other safety issues? Learn how to talk to kids about strangers to they’ll be safe, not scared. By Liza N. Burby from Parents Magazine Facebook Pinterest Tw

Winter Storm Safety Tips

Winter Storm Safety Safety Tips Avoid going outside and be aware of downed lines and poles if you must be outdoors. Keep trees trimmed, to prevent limbs and branches from falling on power lines. Use a broom to keep natural gas meters and piping clear during the winter. Never use a shovel, ice chippe